This weekend is hard on me personally. The memories of those that I failed always come to me on this weekend, and that is because I surprise them most of the year.

Please honor those that forfeited their lives so that you have the freedom to enjoy the freedom that many do not enjoy.

Please take the time and drink one for those that will never be able to drink with us again.

Please be grateful for those that are still with you and those that have come home to you.

Please remember my brothers and sisters who are away fighting for you.

These are a few that have served with me, and those who have served in general that may of may not have been personally with me, but did their duty to you all the same.

If you do not agree, I don’t give a shit and don’t post it here.
Daniel Sellers, Bread Brouse, Scott Sauer, James Allen Scott McPeak, Joshua Holmes, Ricky Betts, James Collins, James BaconBandit Reeves, Clifton Cole, Adam R Potter, Matthew Barr, Rick Ledger, Brad York, Buzzy Pricket, Alex Maskevich, Mark Bryant, Justo Jaimes JR, Chris Jones, Blake McMahan, Chris Wallace, Sean Brunner, Nam Deo, Ben Bressler, Anthony Roberts, Tony Kincaid, Tj Nungester, Joshua Holmes, Kevin Senter, Christopher Schaefer, Michael Miracle, Tyler Masters, Paul Tilton, Josh Ghen, Wes Combs, Rob Graham, SSgt Barnett, Donald Riley, Nathan Lee, Jay Gafford, Clifton Edward Cole, Nate Treichel, David Strathman, Ray Hewitt, Chris Hartsell, Thomas Spruill, Jon Rocky Callahan, William Anthony Meyer, Henry Zapata, Eric Pritts, Justin Walpole, Christopher Perry, Matthew Jerez, Lesha Self, Richard Cheek, Tabitha Esperanza, Duke Benge, Dustin Duncan, Adam Cutter, Derel R Carpenter, Ezechiel Blanc, Matt Trombley, Josh Erb, Alan McGuinness, and more…

If I didn’t include your name of the name of a loved one please do not take it personally Facebook stopped allowing me to link names a long time ago, and my drunk fingers got tired.

This is a space list of men and women that have volunteered to defend your right to live your life that way that you choose to live it. Thank them, and remember that every man and woman there has lost brothers and sisters, our loved ones, to the defense of that freedom. We, I, miss them very much and this weekend is a time set aside to remember that and I personally take it very serious. Yes I drink, yes I laugh with friends, yes I enjoy myself, but I do so in memory of those friends, those loved ones that I have lost in this world. Those that laid down their lives for us, laid down their lives for this country, laid down their lives for us freaks of America.

I’m drunk, and good night.