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Almost every single Hollywood film has a photographer on set, this is something that a lot of people don’t know. This photographer can have quit a few jobs on set, including staying the hell out of the way. The obvious job, it to capture still from the movie at the same angle as the film, but also to capture stills from the movie at different angels that the viewer may not see within the film; however, understand that sometimes these different angles can be slight or huge. Another job, a fairly difficult one. is continuity. The photographer’s continuity job is simple to try and make sure that when connecting scenes are filmed at different times the details remain the same. Another job that the photographer has is to capture events happening behind the scenes, this is a fairly simple concept although not always simple in practice. Now at this point you may be asking, why in the hell is a fashion photographer talking about this? That is a fair question, in May of this year a friend of mine Tony Query (aspiring director) asked to come on set of the filming of his thesis film “Bravura.” So, me being the kind of guy that I am, said “HELL YEAH!” So I spent 4 nights on set of this thesis film being filmed and I had a blast. The film will be released soon by Tony Query and of course I’ll let everyone know when the film is released by this extremely talented director.

This was a challenging endeavor on my part, first off I have never done anything quit like this (it was hard to give up control), understand that I have no input in the lighting and it would have been very unprofessional of me to expect them to light or change lighting for me. The lighting for a photograph and the lighting for a movie in many ways is, and has to be, different. Looking back there are lens that I wish I would have had, but my Canon 5d Mark 3 helped a lot with this. I needed faster lens and long lens, I was shooting with a EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM I would have preferred maybe a EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM to give me an extra stop down. Also because most movie sets are considered by photographers to be “low light” situations you are always working with a very tight and limited depth of field (not always a bad thing), but you do not really have a choice in this matter (one more aspect I had to give up). This whole experience was not bad by any means, challenging yes, but not bad. I would love to do more of these, I don’t think I would turn down doing this again if the chance came up (which it has, shooting another thesis film this weekend.)

Please take the time and check out the images, and the credits below.

Here are the images:




Director: Tony Query

Assistant Director: Daniel Willard

Producer: Andrew Huggins

Director of Photography: Christian Simpson

Cast in alphabetical order:

Greg Gershowitz

Dillon Griffin

Michael Fam

Anna Hipp

Stacy Huggins

Elaine Holt

Scott Kerfien

Brian McDonald

Nyree Miles

Michael Moore

Douglas Nydick

Aaron Poplin

Denjamin Preddy

Jason Reynolds

Jennifer Russoli

Michael Simonetti

Bella Souder