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I wanted to put together a nice behind the scenes (BTS) video for my website recently. So to put all of this together to decided to seek out and work with a fresh new designer, Michelle Trapp. I contacted Michelle and together we decided to photograph her Spring 2013 collection. The process to travel from meeting with the designer, understanding and translating the concept, photographing and capturing the concept, and then processing the concept can be rather in-depth (even at this level). Michelle and I quickly found a our grove through quick and detailed communication, sharing every victory and failure in the planning process.

With all of this, we decided on two photo-shoots. The first would be simple, we would photograph 6 outfits in a very formal catalog style so that the designs could be viewed easily. Then we would photograph the designs in a more editorial style, really pushing concepts, ideas, and style. I can not as of yet display all of the designs, but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t give you at least a little taste. As we continue to work all of the images and video I will be posting more images and finally the BTS video.

Michelle Trapp Designs

Model: LeAnna Haggis

Photographer: ME