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So I was contacted one day by another photographer and fellow to student to do them a favor. They had some of the fashion marketing students from The Art Institute of Charlotte contact asking for photographs for a project. Now I rarely say no or charge students who need with an assignment and this was not an exception to that rule. So these students had this concept of “The Dark Side of Glamour.” In my opinion there was something missing from this idea, but I let them run with it (giving the fact they contacted me just a few days before the shoot.) So we decided to have the photo-shoot on top of a parking garage in Charlotte, NC. The model LeAnna Haggist arrived looking stunning, but I did something I rarely do during a photo-shoot. I allowed the fashion students to run about 80% of the shoot, I only chipped in when I felt like it was needed. The photo-shoot went smoothly, the hardest aspect of this whole shoot was the time of day.
We started this photo-shoot at around 5pm, now anyone who does photography outside during this time of year can tell you that this is a challenging time to shoot. At around 6:30pm the sun starts to approach the horizon and the lighting outside is changing about every 5 minutes, if the lighting outside is changing then your strobes have to change as well. This doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but this one thing does slow down the whole process. So without further delay, here are a few of the images from that photo-shoot. If you want to see more please click on the gallery link above.

The Dark Side of Glamour

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Styling Team:
Dawnn Osavio
Latrice Matthews
Takara Edwards
Milea Pena

Amber Villalpando

Bonnie Jenkins

LeAnna Haggist