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So I haven’t blogged in a while, missed it too; however, I finally got my own studio with my partner Brad York or Brad York Photography. We also are housing other photographers. So this is a really exciting time for us and we are pushing hard to make this a succes. I finally got to do a photo-shoot in my mine studio with my own equipment. This is the start of a series that I think that I’m going to explore more and more over time.

The idea is two part… People in our society have this misconception that with beauty all of their problems can be solved. They don’t understand that it takes this huge amount of work for beautiful people to be beautiful.
Then we have this other concept, that if a person is blessed with attracted looks, they weren’t blessed with intelligents. People seem to want beautiful people to just “shut up and look pretty.” THAT IS WRONG, but I am going to explore this idea.

Credits are at the bottom and so without further adue…

Tortured Beauty

Photographer: Me, Chad Currie
Model: Colton Snodgrass