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So Sunday rain forced my photo-shoot to move indoors. This beautiful house had an amazing downstairs lounge area for us to shoot. So we wanted to keep the idea of swim wear with a good variety of styles and types, that part of the photo-shoot was accomplished. The models were adaptive and were able to preform the great poses and ideas indoors on the couch and the pool table. The lighting was easier, but my camera started to give me problems, the auto focus (I need glasses and can’t manually focus) was giving me a hard time locking on the zones that I wanted it too. So we up the lighting and open some windows and that did not seem to help, but we pushed on. The shoot was going smooth, everything from sexual relaxation, to passionate poses between the models. They all preformed beautifully inside of the luxurious space, and some beautiful images came from this change. Although I am disappointed that we had to move indoors, I’m satisfied with the outcome of 90% of the images, they came out sexy, appealing, and I believe they exemplify the idea behind “sex sells.” All in all, I’m happy with the photo-shoot and the imagery that came from this, I met some GREAT models and makeup artist, made some friends in the process, showed that I can handle large scale photo-shoots, but more importantly I learned more than I have in a long time during this past weekend. I hope everyone that takes the time to look at the work enjoys the images as well. Feel free to give me any advice you think I should see, or ask questions. I believe that considering I’ve only been doing these kind of photo-shoots for about a year this was an ambitious endeavor for me with a very positive outcome.


Janet Barry

Mary Brown

Danielle Caverly

Ben Clayton

Briana Hausler

Christine Mackubbin

Bailey Snodgrass

Colton Snodgrass

Hair and Make-up:

Cindy Gil

Courtney Nero


Christine Mackubbin


Maria Davis

Jennifer Selevitch

Joe Selevitch


Chad E Currie of Triple Cs Photography

Special Thanks to James Helms and his family.