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Saturday and Sunday’s underwater photo-shoots were amazing, I learned a whole lot and had a lot of fun doing it (well worth the stiffness in my neck… a week later.) After that we decided to move over to the Gazebo area while the rain was still staying away. My goal is was leaning more towards a life style shoot. The models were ideally going to ignore me, it’s difficult to do for models that have almost exclusively done fashion before, but after a while they got the hang of it and all of my models did fanatic jobs here. The make-up and hair artist also did a very good job producing what it is that I wanted. Simple hair and simple make up, but still looking high class. The models were to just lounge around in their bathing suits and enjoying their margaritas, which after a few of those margaritas it appeared to become easier for them (duh). The shooting wasn’t very difficult, balancing artificial lighting with the cloudy ambient lighting that was going on. I actually really enjoyed this look, the artificial lighting created a very neutral lighting on the models and foreground but the cloudy lighting gave a soft cooling effect to the background. With the lights far enough back and turned low it allowed a good drop-off for the lighting allowing me to have a good separation between the models and their background, thank you inverse-square law. That part of the shoot went fairly smooth, with few problems; however, the rain was creeping up on us. I had a lot of expensive equipment with me Profoto 1000w D1 Air Kit, Canon 5D Mark 2, Paul C Buff’s Vagabond Mini-Lithium power pack, so I was not going to risk these items getting rained on. I changed the whole idea behind the photo-shoot and went inside to this amazing downstairs lounge area. More on that later.