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Saturday almost turned into a failure, but I have one great model show up, Ben Clayton who did an amazing job and really helped me get ready for Sunday. Then the big day rolled up, 6 great models, 3 awesome assistances, and 2 fabulous makeup and hair artist, the day was a huge success on a couple different levels. I started the day with the underwater photography part, there was threats of rain and I wanted to get all of that done. I did, and some really fun images came out of that, but a lot of bad images did too. I learned a lot though and for my first time shooting underwater fashion I am happy. I learn that figuring out the proper shutter speed and aperture is very hard to find underwater, which I would have had an underwater light meter. The spot metering system just wasn’t working and putting the camera on aperture priority wasn’t working for me either. I ended up shooting most of the images on auto (a little ashamed to admit that too). I was having other problems as well, if there was a lot of movement underwater I kept getting a lot of these white specs (not noise the ISO stayed at 100 – 200.) Despite all of that, I still came out with some really cool images.

All of the underwater images can be seen here.

I will talk about the other parts of this 9 hour photo-shoot later.