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So I am working very hard to become a world renowned fashion photographer, but starting from the bottom and being poor makes this very difficult to do; however, I do love a challenge. My original idea got shot down with the lack of availability with male models, so I turned the gears and came up with a more simple concept. I went through some hardware nightmares this past Saturday on my photo-shoot “Dance The Night Away,” and I had over half of the models cancel on me what started with 7 ended with 2. I pushed forward despite everything, I never walk away with nothing. Although a lot of things went wrong, a lot of lessons were learned and will be applied in the near future. I hope everyone enjoys these images in this set. Another photo-shoot is already in the planning.

Ever walked into a club or bar and noticed someone so beautiful, so sexy that everyone else around you two just disappeared for a moment?

If you have experienced that feeling, you know how powerful that person is at that moment. You would do anything for that person.

This is an expression of my visual understanding of that moment. Not everything is perfect, but that person right then, right there is perfect.

Photographer: Chad Currie of Triple Cs Photography
Models: Lizzie Sibley of Ice Modeling and Que Weaks