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So I did my photo-shoot today with the breath-takingly beautiful Lizzie Sibley of Ice Modeling and the teasing Que Weaks. The PhaseOne P40+ that I used had been dropped by someone else about a month or two ago and the shutter wouldn’t open after about 30-45 minutes of shooting, so I had to find a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon EF 24-105mm. That camera worked good sometimes, at times the auto focus (I have to use auto because of my bad eyes and denial) I was using wouldn’t focus, so the camera wouldn’t shoot, so I attempted to use manual focus, (bad reminder of my horrible eyes LOL) and I lost a lot of great images. I kept marching forward despite all of the problems, oh yeah and let’s not forget almost melting a gel to a Profoto D1 Air Kit. I finished and now I’m going to spend some time and begin some post-proccessing. Images soon.