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What is it like to be a runway model during a huge fashion week, like New York, London, or Paris? That is what Ben Trovato and photographer Jessica Klingelfuss wanted to know, and that is what they found out in London for the spring 2012 FW. So Jessica Klingelfuss followed the incredibly beautiful German born model Julia Oberhauser, from M and P Models, around during Fashion Week in London. The story and understanding of what it is like to be a runway model is incredibly fascinating.

“The girls will have to run from one show straight to the next, sometimes castings in between and then fittings again after, the cycle keeps going on like this everyday.”

“I witnessed firsthand some legendary diva behavior backstage while shadowing her (including a catfight between two supermodels!), yet Julia remained very calm and polite to everyone she came across.”

“I honestly had never felt so drained after a day of shooting in my entire life. Brutal.”

Presented: Ben Trovato
Photographer: Jessica Klingelfuss
Model: Julia Oberhauser of M and P Models