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Stéfan Bourson is a french photographer who’s biography is in french and I can not read it, so I had to turn to outside sources for information on this very entertaining photographer. Bourson has worked on campaigns for companies such as The Boys Paris, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Ted Lapidus, madam Le Figaro, Glitter Japan, Pentax, the World of Look, Vuarnet, Gucci, Rayban, and Bak, not to mention numerous magazines. His image radiates with whimsical beauty, his image bring the models to this concept of innocence even when they are being naughty. When looking at his fashion work it is hard not to stare at the eyes of the models, in which Bourson showcases with majesty that is pushed to the borderlines of realism and fantasy. His website is a bit slow running and can take some time to get through due to longer load times.