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Andrea Massari one day decided to photograph what he wanted, and he only what he wanted. I believe that, that moment truly beautiful, when someone who is absorbed in an industry that is slowly trying to push the photographer’s creative side out of the final product, and they sit down and completely do what it is that they want. Andrea Massari has does this and it is beautiful. This Romanian born, Brazilian raised photographer has produced some remarkable fashion, portrait, and advertising photographer, but this set he was free of the art directors, fashion designers, trends, styles, magazines, and it was all about his vision. The work is enthralled with beautiful lines, elegant composition, and captivating monotone contrast, and extremely inspiring to see for a upcoming fashion photographer such as myself. Thank you Andrea Massari for this beautiful work.

Ben Trovato turned me on to this photographer, as he does for so many other photographers. Ben Trovato is constantly exhibiting the works of some of the best photographers from all around the world, maybe one day my work will be the quality needed for him to be willing to present me.

“We didn’t follow any trends, fashion styles, magazine requests … Nothing! It was just real..” Andrea explains.

Presented by: Ben Trovato
Writen by: Marius Troy
Photographed by: Andrea Massari
Model: Anisia Calugaru @ Joy Model Management