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So I just watched this video that was posted by Lee Morris of FStoppers, shot and edited by Jordan Drake, hosted by Chris Niccolls, and produced by The Camera Store. In this video they look at, with photographers Dale Roth and Michelle Ramberg, the differences between the Nikon D800 and the Hasselblad H4D-40. This is a very interesting idea, we often think that PhaseOne and Hasselblad are well and above all of the other companies (such as Canon, Nikon, and other such camera manufacturers), but as this video will show companies like Canon and Nikon are catching up to PhaseOne and Hasselblad in a lot of ways, price is always important to us, Hasselblad H4D-40 would run you about $20,995.00, and a Nikon D800 will run you about $2,999.00. Although Nikon’s D800 is still considered a “studio” camera compared to Canon, but I would say that Nikon and Canon are considered more of a location camera and well suited for event photography/photojournalism; whereas, PhaseOne and Hasselblad would be considered almost exclusively studio cameras. Hasselblad did pull ahead as better than Nikon in this video comparison, BUT not by as much you might have thought. Watch the video and make your own decision though.

You can see the VIDEO HERE, or directly below. (Watch the video in HD to see things better during the photo comparisons.)